Q: What other treatment options should be considered for my cat who is on medication for chronic biliary obstruction?

Original Question: "I have an 8-year-old cat with chronic biliary obstruction. She has numerous stones in the liver and has been given Ursodiol, Clavamox daily and an e-tube for the past 9 months. The vet says surgery is not a good option as the stone formation is chronic. What else can I do? He passes stones roughly every week and is in pain and ill for 24 hours each time. Is there anything else to try? Laser? Ultrasound? Specialist? Thank you in advance Ernie’s mom." - Kenna

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: February 9, 2018

Hi Kenna,

Nine months sure is a long time for the e-tube. You've done well and been very diligent in taking care of him. That being said, I would reconsider a surgical option and ask for a referral to a specialist. Once they can evaluate him, they will have a better grasp on the big picture and may have some suggestions for you.

Best of luck in getting Ernie some additional help.

Dr. Ryan Llera

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