Q: Why does my cat like to sit on the paper we’re using?

Original Question: "Hi,I have a question about cat behaviour. We adopted Zeus 4 years ago (he is now seven) our first time ever having a cat so we are new to how cats act. We have lots of experience with dogs and guinea pigs though. Zeus is obsessed with paper. More specifically lying on any paper that we are working with. If we are writing on paper he will actually take the pen from our hands then lie right on the paperwork. Magazines, newspapers, books, binders, flyers, and wrapping paper are the perfect place for him to sprawl out. We have actually spent considerable time looking for items only to find that they are hidden under him. He never damages them in any way. He does yowl at us when we move him and re-claim our paperwork. He can be asleep in another room and if I leave some paper on the table he mysteriously appears and claims it as his own. We are fascinated by this behaviour and wonder if you have seen it before." - Barbara

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: September 5, 2017

Hi Barbara,

That certainly is humorous! This is not uncommon behavior in cats as this is typically reported among veterinary students during their studying years. It is most likely an attention seeking behavior and may also be a sign of affection (you've been chosen!). It's quite comical and something I personally miss having my cats do.

Dr. Ryan Llera

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