Q: What should I look for when selecting cat food and what are some things to consider before making home cooked cat food?  

Original Question: "Hi! I have two cats that are three years old. The names of my cats are Honey and Daisy. I am looking for a healthy and high quality cat food, cats like dried foods rather than wet ones but I would like to mix them with wet and dried foods. Also I would like general guidance on what to do and how to make cat food at home and where to buy vitamins. Please send me any information. Thank you." - Esther

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: September 5, 2017

Hi Esther,

Pet food selection can be a complex and multi-faceted part of owning a pet. There are pros and cons to most foods and I advise you not to buy into the hype of the marketing machine that most food companies employ. I suggest a mixture of canned and dry food as the dry portion of the diet is good for dental health while the canned portion is excellent for urinary health. Making home cooked diets can certainly be done but it is recommended to do so with the help of a board certified nutritionist such as the ones available at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. Of course, consideration for any specific diet related medical issues or general diet questions for your pet should be discussed with your family veterinarian.  I encourage you to take a look at our page on nutrition for more information about this topic when it comes to cats that I think you will find helpful.

All the best.

Dr. Ryan Llera

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