Q: Why does my cat have a film over her eye?

Original Question: "Hi, my cat Angel is 12-years-old on March 29 of this year. I noticed a film half over her right eye and she’s not sick, still eating, using her kitty litter but at times she looks like she’s confused. I am so afraid to take her to the vet as I don’t want anything negative to come out of it. Please help me!!" - Bernadette

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: June 10, 2017

Hi Bernadette,

Without any other specifics or an exam, it's difficult make an assessment on Angel. A film on the eye could be a minor issue (a scratch or ulceration) that could resolve with treatment or it could be a more chronic condition (such as dry eye) that will need long term care. The best advice I can give is to not delay getting her looked at by your vet as delaying could cause further problems or make a treatable condition untreatable.

All the best,

Dr. Ryan Llera

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