Q: How can I improve my cat allergies without medication?

Original Question: "Hi, we have a person with animal allergies in house. Can you recommend any places that sell hypoallergenic cats? If the situation with the cat’s don’t work will they take them back?" - Alberto

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: July 31, 2017

Hi Alberto,

I did happen to see your question texted into the radio show. Thanks for listening!

I have a really easy answer for you. I've never heard of a hypoallergenic cat but I have given some advice that clients have told me works extremely well to avoid reactions in themselves. 

The allergy stimulating entities on a cat is the skin cells, dander and hair. This easily gets on the floor, couch and other surfaces. As your hand encounters it and you rub your face, or as it becomes airborne and floats around, it will irritate your eyes, throat, respiratory tract and skin. These things are significantly eliminated if you bathe the cat. I have been told consistently by clients that if they bath their cat, their allergies can disappear for weeks to months and then slowly return, necessitating another bath. You can further reduce this problem by vacuuming on a regular and modest basis. Washing your cat's bedding, dusting and wiping surfaces will also help. Frequently removing loose hairs with brushes will really reduce debris and hairs left around the house.

Most clients have told me that the bathing alone resolved the problem. It would be my recommendation that you get a kitten and very rapidly start exposing it to water so it gets comfortable with baths. Just start by putting a centimetre of water in the tub and getting your kitten's feet wet. Do this many times over days or weeks until you then sprinkle water on the back. You can gradually increase the intensity until you are spooning water on the back. This should get your kitten very comfortable with bathing and will possibly come to enjoy it if you pair it with loving attention or even treats during these episodes.

The regularity of bathing to control your allergies will be different for everyone. The shortest frequency I've seen is bathing monthly. 

I hope this helps. I'm certain you will see success with this.

Dr. Clayton Greenway 

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