Q: Why does my cat have dandruff and what is the treatment?

Original Question: "My black cat appears to have dandruff. What can the cause of this be?" - Andrew

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: March 5, 2018

Hi Andrew,

There could be many causes of this – depending on the age, body condition and overall health of your cat. Often, I find overweight kitties cannot groom themselves very well, and they end up getting oily, dander-ridden coats, especially above the tail, simply because they cannot reach this area anymore. When the cat loses weight, they can groom normally, and the problem can resolve! Joint pain that limits the cat’s normal range of motion and prevents adequate grooming is another reason you may notice a change in appearance. Other possibilities include a dietary deficiency, endocrine disorders, and dermatologic or allergic diseases.  Your vet will be able to investigate this further with a thorough physical exam and history review. They can then guide you towards the most likely cause and solution for your cat.

Best of luck!

Dr. Kim Hester

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