Q: What steps should I take for my cat who has been diagnosed with histiocytic tumors?

Original Question: "My cat with suddenly appeared to have lumps above his eyes and has been diagnosed with histiocytic tumors. My vet says these are not spreadable tumors, what do I need to know or do? My vet recommends monitoring the situation but to avoid doing anything radical at this time. My 4-year-old old cat is ignoring the lumps and eating normally and her litter box activities are normal. He enjoys his 3-4 walks a day (on a leash) and is exhibiting normal 4-year-old cat behavior." - Robert

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: November 29, 2017

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your question. 

Histiocytic tumors are generally uncommon in cats. There are a few different forms, and some are more worrisome/life-threatening than others. Determining this would require biopsy (collecting a small piece of the affected tissue) and sending it for review by a pathologist at the lab. This will give you the information necessary to know how to proceed, as well as an idea of prognosis.

I hope this is helpful for you, and best of luck!

Dr. Kim Hester

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