QDo I have to remove my dog’s teeth that have tartar if they don’t seem to bother him?

Original Question: "My daughter's 13-year-old Shi Poo was having his teeth cleaned and they said to clean off the tartar it would expose too much nerve so said they had to come out. They took out 1/2 the teeth and want to take out the rest in June. He would not eat or drink for 5 days and I had my other daughter living with me to help squeeze water in his mouth during this time. They have now moved and my other daughter who owns Kyle has a disability and can’t help with this if we go ahead in June. His gums don’t bleed and he shows no sign of pain so I wonder if we should go ahead and remove the rest of his teeth in June." - Sharon

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: March 28, 2018

Hi Sharon,

It's difficult to say without personally seeing his teeth. I commend you for getting his dental issues addressed as it is often an overlooked part of pet healthcare. If the rest of the teeth are stable, non-painful, and he is eating, then you might be able to reconsider or postpone. If he didn't eat or drink right away, I would wonder if pain control is adequate. Alternatively, you could consider paying a visit to them to help out.

Best of luck!

Dr. Ryan Llera

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