Q: Which product can be used to stop a dog from eating poop and where can it be purchased?

Original Question: "On March 3rd on CFRB Dr. Greenway mentioned a product to add to dog food to make it taste horrible so the dog won’t eat the poop. Our goofy Yellow Lab enjoys a good nosh when she finds one outside that we missed picking up. Where would such a product be bought (at a vets office/pet store) and what is it called? Thank you!" - Virginia

Vet Certified Answer | Answered: March 6, 2018

Hi Virginia,

Thanks for your question.

The product I spoke about was For-Bid and it is used for coprophagia, the technical term for poop eating. It’s a powder you add to the food that is tasteless but is digested into awful tasting stuff. When your dog eats one of his own poops, it will taste horrible and a concept of 'taste aversion' will kick in. It should be enough to put him off of them for life as long he samples the poops while he is being given the product. Keep in mind, it won't work if your dog is eating poop of another dog that is not receiving the product.

I'd like to point out that I don't support or endorse specific products or services but I don't know of any products other than this one. I'm sure you'll find alternatives online and possibly in your veterinary office. This is the only one I have seen within a veterinary clinic and the one I've seen work consistently.

Good luck!

Dr. Clayton Greenway

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