Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food?

Dr. Clayton Greenway

Dr. Greenway discusses feeding a dry or wet food to your cat. In this video we discuss the mix of dry and wet food, handling, calorie content and obesity, weight management tool, handling, dental disease, and feeding a combination of wet and dry food together.

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Ask The Vet:

Q: My cat has been diagnosed with gerd. What is the best food option for him and what else should he be taking to reduce his discomfort from acid reflux. This occurred after a dental cleaning.

Q: How should I warm up my cat's wet food after being refrigerated and how long should I wait to serve it after it's been heated?

Q: What's the best food to feed my cat?

Q: There are so many pet foods on the market.  What do I want to look for for ingredients for my cat?  She's 6 and healthy.

Filmed with the cooperation of Doncaster Animal Clinic in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

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